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About the Division

The Judicial Supervision & Diversion Programs (JSDP) Division is part of the Second Judicial District Court serving the citizens of Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

JSDP has two primary operations areas: 1) The Pretrial Services Program; 2) Specialty/Treatment Court Programs

The Pretrial Services Program consists of three units:

  1. Background Investigations
  2. Intake and Assessment
  3. Pretrial Supervision (or Standard Supervision)


JSDP includes three Specialty/Treatment Court Programs:

  1. Young Adult Court (YAC)
  2. Mental Health Court (MHC)
  3. Felony Repeat Offender DWI Court



JSDP Pretrial Services Program assists the Second Judicial District Court in pretrial release decision making through objective, validated assessment, appropriate pretrial supervision and services that promote community safety and court appearance, maximize pretrial release and ensure evidence-based pretrial practices that reduce unnecessary and costly detention.

JSDP Specialty/Treatment Court Programs work collaboratively with stakeholders and participants to follow best-practice standards to address and improve individuals’ life outcomes through specialized supervision, treatment engagement, linkage to community resources and supportive practices.

Guiding Principles

  • The presumption of innocence of the pretrial defendant should lead to the least restrictive release consistent with community safety and return to court.
  • Pro-social interventions offered and encouraged that address substance disorders, employment, housing, medical, educational and mental health affords persons charged with a crime the opportunity for personal improvement and can improve health and public safety outcomes for the individual and the community.
  • Incorporate and apply evidence- and research-based policies and practices towards organizational excellence and the development of a highly professional and capable team


Core Values

  • Treat all Persons with Dignity & Respect – remembering to walk a mile in their shoes
  • Practice Reliability, Integrity & Honesty – earning credibility and a solid reputation
  • Strive for Improvement & Innovation – always examining, always exploring
  • Provide Timely, Accurate & Clear Information – for ourselves, our Court and our community
  • Be an Inclusive Team and a Family of Professionals – a community of experts committed to doing good, important work and being happy and healthy together


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