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Court-Annexed Civil Arbitration

Arbitration is required for all civil cases where only money is at issue and where no party seeks an amount in excess of $50,000, exclusive of punitive damages, interest, costs and attorney fees.

Arbitrators are assiged to a case by the Court.  Arbitrators are attorneys with at least five years of experience who reside or have an office in Bernalillo County.  Arbitrators may be paid $100 by the Court.  There is no charge to the parties unless the parties select their own arbitrator.  If the parties select their own arbitrator, they may be required to pay the arbitrator’s fee.

The court appointed arbitrator issues an award after each party has had an opportunity to present their case.  The decision is non-binding.  Either party may appeal.  On appeal, the assigned district court judge hears the case de novo, which means from the beginning.  87% of the cases are solved without an appeal.


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15 minute interviews are provided on a first come, first served basis.  Come early and be prepared to wait.  Please do not bring small children. 

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