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Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)

Assisted Outpatient Treatment is a civil court-supervised, community-based treatment program for individuals with severe mental illness. This program is a collaborative effort with the City of Albuquerque. Research has shown the following for individuals who received AOT:

  • 55% fewer recipients engaged in suicide attempts or physical harm to self;
  • 47% fewer physically harmed others;
  • 46% fewer damaged or destroyed property;
  • 43% fewer threatened physical harm to others;
  • Overall, the average decrease in harmful behaviors was 44%;
  • 74% fewer participants experienced homelessness;
  • 77% fewer experienced psychiatric hospitalization;
  • On average, AOT recipients’ length of hospitalization was reduced 56% from pre-AOT levels;
  • 83% fewer experienced arrest;
  • 87% fewer experienced incarceration;
  • 49% fewer abused alcohol;
  • 48% fewer abused drugs.