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Second Judicial District Court


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Weekly Grand Juror Schedule

Due to the current health emergency, Grand Jury at Second Judicial District Court has been temporarily suspended.  There will be no grand jury presentations for the remainder of the session which ends on March 30th.  All jurors who have been on call since January 1st are excused.  It is no longer necessary to check this site.

For those jurors who are beginning their service on April 1st, you will be sent further information and instructions when they are available.  For the time being, please continue to check this site every Friday after 4:30 to receive any updates.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience in this difficult circumstance.


400 Lomas ​Blvd NW
Room 127, 1st Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Office Hours
Monday – Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: 505-841-7507
Petit Code-a-Phone: 505-841-7510
Grand Jury Phone: 505-841-7545
Grand Jury Code-a-Phone: 505-841-7419

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