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Petit Jury Information


This Message is for jurors who have been qualified for a three-week term of petit jury service.  Please read the following information Very Carefully.

After you have received your summons and submitted your Qualification and Questionnaire forms, the jury division will contact you with additional instructions as your term of service approaches.  It is not necessary for you to check this site each day.  This message will not change.  The jury division will contact you with complete directions well before you are needed to report. PLEASE WAIT FOR US TO CONTACT YOU.  DO NOT REPORT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS TO DO SO.  In many instances, we will ask jurors to complete an additional special questionnaire for any trial that they are attached to as a prospective juror.  This will shorten the jury selection process for everyone, and limit the number of jurors that are needed to report.

Please note that we will not summon jurors to report unless we are confident that we can do so safely and in conformance with current safety protocols.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


When you have been instructed to report, please report on time and remember to park at the METRO PARK GARAGE.  It’s located just north of Metropolitan Court, with an entrance from 5th Street.  Going north from Lomas on 5th street, follow the big yellow signs for juror parking.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PARKING TICKET IN YOUR CAR.  You must bring it with you in order to have it validated.

Thank you.


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