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Second Judicial District Court


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Wedding Information

Please note: Any individual seeking a Second Judicial District Court Judge to perform a wedding will need to contact a judge’s trial court administrative assistant (TCAA) individually for scheduling and availability.

Second Judicial District Court Judges Who Schedule Weddings Listing

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Division Judge Name Phone Number
Division XXIII Honorable Joshua A. Allison 505‐841‐7529
Division VIII Honorable Catherine Begaye 505‐222-4550
Division X Honorable Bruce Fox 505‐841‐7512
Division XXI Honorable Alisa Hart 505‐841‐6748
Division IX Honorable Cindy Leos 505‐841‐7480
Division XXV Honorable Jane C. Levy 505‐222‐4566
Division XXVII Honorable Victor S. Lopez 505‐841‐7454
Division XII Honorable Elaine Lujan 505‐841‐7434
Division XXVI Honorable Joseph Montano 505‐222‐4570
Division XXIV Honorable Debra Ramirez 505‐841‐7476
Division VII Honorable Alma Roberson 505‐841‐7311
Division XVI Honorable Jennifer J. Wernersbach 505‐841‐7515