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Family Court Services Fees: Court Clinic and Safe Exchange/Safe Visitation

Court Clinic Fees:

Court Clinic Fees are charged for Advisory Consultations, Priority Consultations, and Scheduled On-Calls.  Advisory consultation fees must be paid prior to an appointment being scheduled.  The Court Clinic will send you the date and time of your appointment after all required fees are paid.  Effective January 1, 2019, the Court will charge fees for Priority Consultations and Scheduled On-Calls.  Priority Consultation and Scheduled On-Call fees are due the day of the service.  Instruction for payment will be given by the Court Clinic to the parties on the day of the appointment.  Click here to See Court Clinic Fee Schedule.

Safe Exchange/Safe Visitation Fees (SESV):

All SESV services are provided by private agencies. The Second Judicial District court currently contracts with a third party vendor, the Neutral Corner.  All fees are paid directly to the vendor.  Click here to See Attached Fee Schedule. This fee schedule does not apply to other private agencies or agencies contracted with other courts.  Please contact other agencies for their fee schedule.