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Criminal FAQs

What if I cannot pay my fine on the day of my court hearing?

The Court will generally allow defendants a period of time to pay any fines or fees imposed by the Court.  The defense attorney may be able to make arrangements with the Court for the defendant to make payments on time.

How do I pay my fine?

Fines and fees due to the Court must be paid at the Criminal Division.

Will a Public Defender be appointed to my case?

Public Defenders may be appointed to represent a defendant if certain criteria are met such as income.  Applications for Public Defender representation should be made at the Public Defender’s Office.  Please call 505-841-5100 for more information.

When and how do I get my bond money back?

Cash bonds posted by individuals may be returned to the individual who posted the bond after the defendant has appeared at all required hearings; call the Criminal Division at 505-841-7452 for details.  Bonds posted by licensed bail bondsmen are not refundable by the Court.

How will I know when to appear in court?

Your attorney should keep you informed of any court date.  You may also call the Judge or Criminal Division to request information.

How do I view a case file?

The case file can be viewed at the Second Judicial District Court Criminal Clerk’s Office upon request.  Information regarding documents filed in a particular case can be viewed through Case Lookup.

What information do I need to know when I request information about a case?

The case number if you know it.  If you don’t know the case number, you need the defendant’s name, social security number and date of birth.

How do I obtain case records?

Copies of documents are available at 35 cents per page.