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Do you do any extra activities with the PEG clients?

The PEG clients are required to participate in at least two service learning projects per session and are given community service hours as a sanction. The PEG clients may also be required to attend field trips, conferences and any other activities the PEG team decides would be beneficial.

How often must the girls and their parents attend Court?

The client and their parents are required to attend court once a week to report on problems and successes. They are also required to attend group, family and individual counseling weekly or bi-weekly.

How does a client get referred to the PEG Program?

A client can be referred to the PEG Program by the judge, her probation officer or her counselor. She has to have been adjudicated and have a history of exposure to domestic violence and/or have a domestic violence charge against her before the program can assess her.

What if the client's parents refuse to participate in the program?

Parent participation is mandatory in the PEG Program, although an exception can be made in special circumstances if the client is 18 and parent participation would be detrimental to the client’s progress. The parents are made party to the petition and can receive consequences, including incarceration, if they fail to participate.


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