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Family Reunification Drug Court

The Bernalillo County Family Reunification Drug Court will support the permanence, safety and well-being of children by promoting a stable home through a partnership of judicially managed and community based services.

Led by the Honorable William Parnall

Acceptance Criteria

The following includes conditions the respondent must satisfy in order to be accepted by the Family Reunification Drug Court.

  1. The Participant is a respondent in an abuse and neglect case.
  2. The Participant has a chronic substance abuse problem which substantively impairs his or her ability to parent.
  3. The Participant is motivated and willing to participate in Family Reunification Drug Court and will accept the conditions set by the Family Reunification Drug Court.
  4. The Participant is interested in rehabilitation and reunification.
  5. The Participant will review and sign the appropriate documents after obtaining adivce from counsel.
  6. The Participant must have the necessary cognitive ability to have insight into his or her problems and work toward dealing with them.
  7. Any significant other in a current, ongoing relationship with the Participant must be willing to participate in the program.
  8. The Participant does not have a chronic or terminal medical condition or mental health problem that would interfere with the respondent’s participating.
  9. The Participant must not have any child abuse/neglect aggravated circumstances.
  10. The Participant is not currently incarcerated, pending incarcerated, participating in pre-trial services, or on probation or parole.
  11. The Participant does not have any current or recent violent offenses in the last year. (ie. Domestic Violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon)


John E. Brown Juvenile Justice Center
5100 Second St. NW
Albuquerque, NM  87107


Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: 505-841-5906

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