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Filing Fees, Copy Fees, and Other Court Fees

What is the fee policy of the Court?

Unless waived by an order of the Court, a filing fee shall be collected in civil matters in the amount prescribed by law.  Filing fees, jury deposit or other fees collected by the clerk cannot be refunded.  Fees can be paid to the clerk by attorney firm checks, cash, money order or certified check.  No personal checks shall be accepted.  (Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004)  No fees or costs shall be taxed against the state, city, county, or nonprofit corporation authorized under the Educational Assistance Act.  (NMSA 1978, 34-6-40 (B) (2001)).  No fees or costs shall be taxed against any U.S. government agency (28 C.F.R.20.30, 38).  Services required to be performed by district court clerks are without charge when law prescribes no fee.  (NMSA 1978, 34-6-43)

What fees do I pay? How much do I pay? What is the Court's authorization?

If you… You pay… Authorization
File a civil or children’s case $132.00

NMSA 1978, 34-6-40 (2001)
NMSA 1978, 34-6-44, 34-6-45 (1994)

File a domestic relations case $137.00

NMSA 1978, 34-6-40 (2001)
NMSA 1978, 40-12-6

Appeal a criminal case from Metropolitan Court $35.00 NMSA 1978, 35-13-2 (1996)
Want a jury for a civil trial

$150.00/day (6 person)
$300.00/day (12 person)

Rule 1-038 NMRA 2004


Are there other fees that I may have to pay?

Item Cost Authorization
Certification $1.50 Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004
Exemplification $4.50 Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004 
Photo Copy .35 per page Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004
Request for a Jury for a Civil Trial

$150.00/day (6 person)

$300.00/day (12 person)

Rule 1-038 NMRA 2004
Jury List

$5.00 per each 6 person jury

Administrative Order
Tape or CD Duplication

$4.00 per tape or CD

Administrative Order
Notary Seal

Available for case related only

Administrative Order
Record Search

$1.50 per name

$5.00 prior to 1986

Administrative Order
Faxes $5.00 per page Administrative Order
Computer Report Reasonable fee based on staff time Administrative Order

Are all customer required to pay for copies, etc.?

Yes, unless the customer has an order signed by a judge from the Second Judicial District Court specifically stating that the fee shall be waived or reduced; otherwise, the party must be an authorized employee of a government agency.


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